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What kinds of data files can be imported or exported by Xess?

Xess allows you to import various types of data files into your worksheet. These are as follows:

  • WK1/WKS: spreadsheet format. (Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, etc)
  • CSV: Comma separated variables.
  • TSV: Tab separated variables.
  • Text: Text only. (even numbers will be text!)
  • Xess Cells: Cells exported from Xess.

Note: If you import a spreadsheet (WK1/WKS) it will replace the entire worksheet you are currently working on, as opposed to just inserting it from the current cell position.

Xess can also export to all of the above formats, as well as LaTeX. The LaTeX file produced will be in the tabular environment, and can just be included in any LaTeX document. Xess doesn't have a "text" option, but CSV and TSV are both ascii (text) formats.

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March 28, 2011

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