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I forgot my password, can I have it reset?

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Password Reset Options

Self-Service Password Reset

Domain Users
If you are on a domain-controlled computer and use your Kerberos credentials to log into your computer, you may find this page helpful: Remote Domain Computers and Password Changes.

Before you begin the process of resetting your Kerberos password, please make sure you are using the correct password. Your Kerberos password may be different than the password you normally use to log in or check your e-mail if you have a departmental account (such as,,,, etc).

If you're sure you need your password reset, there are multiple options:

In order to reset your password yourself, you will need one of the following:

  • A valid certificate
    • If you have a valid MIT personal certificate installed, and want to reset the password, you can reset your password online by visiting Change Your Kerberos Password (it is the second option on the page.)

 Be sure you have cookies enabled or you'll get unknown user error messages.

  • Push-Enabled Duo Two Factor Authentication Device

For requirements and recommendations when setting a new password, please see the Strong Passwords article.

Contact the Service Desk

If neither of the self-service password options works for you, the Service Desk can help you reset your password, if you provide proper ID verification. Please email a selfie with you holding a photo ID with your password reset request to

Please be sure the name and photo on the ID are clear and please do not cover any part of your face with the ID. Also include your Kerberos username and a phone number we can use to reach you. Email it to If you need to provide your ID in this way, we only need your face and ID in the image. It is very important that we can read the ID from this photo, so please make sure the ID is in focus and can be read from  the image before sending it to us as an attachment. Do not send us pictures of just your ID, you must be present in the image and holding the ID for it to be a valid form of identification verification. 

Tip: Getting closer to the camera and having someone assist you with taking this photo can make this method of password reset easier.

(If you send us a driver's license, please redact the license number and birth year - that's considered sensitive information and we don't want to keep it!)

For requirements and recommendations when setting a new password, please see the Strong Passwords article.

Lincoln Laboratory

Please see our steps found here: Password Resets for Lincoln Laboratory Employees

If you have questions about the password resetting procedure, please contact or call us at 617-253-1101

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July 07, 2022

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