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Q: Why is the knowledge base home page loading slowly?

  • Why is the knowledge base home page loading so slowly?
  • Why does take forever (or a long time) to load?



Although not the only possible reason, the main reason for this behavior is most likely slow or broken access to The home page includes a sidebar box that includes the General section from 3down. In order to do this, it uses the feed2js service running on (This service is also used by Webmail and other MIT web sites including RSS feeds on web pages.)

Mitigation/resolution, in order of increasing effort:

  • Wait
    The problem does not occur frequently and is often transient because of occasional network load.
  • Report to Knowledge Base team
    You can always report the problem to the Knowledge Base team, and we'll take it from there.
  • Report problem
    Verify that there's a problem reaching If it is not a local network issue but instead a problem with the server, please [report the problem with] so it can be addressed.


This is a screen shot of what the home page usually looks like if the Knowledge Base server is waiting for a response from

See also

  • [archive:How do I disable the 3down feed on the Knowledge Base front page?]

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May 04, 2012

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