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Paste a custom limit string into a BrioQuery report

I want to use BrioQuery to run a query, but I may want to paste in my own limit string. For example, if I wanted to get a printout of kerb names from a moira list, and format them into a string to use as the limit. This article describes how to do it.


  1. Open a new BrioQuery report, or a canned report that you will be modifying.
  2. Drag a table into the tables area, or choose one that is already there.
  3. Drag the field you will be limiting into the Limits area.
    Result: The Limits dialog box opens.
  4. Select the Custom values button.
  5. Type or paste in whatever custom limit string you want.


Documentation and information provided by the MIT Community

Last Modified:

June 05, 2014

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