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Using Spirion on Macs

Below are steps for using Spirion  on Macintosh computers.

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This document provides instructions on how to get started with Spirion, find sensitive data files on your computer, take action on files found, and save reports.

Getting Started

  1. Go to Finder, choose Applications, then Spirion.

  2. The first time you use Spirion you will see a dialog box for creating your new Spirion Profile.

    Enter the password you will use to secure the files you store with Spirion and to run Spirion in the future. Click OK.
    Result: the application opens.
    Do not forget this password; if lost, it is irretrievable!

Initiating a Search

  1. In the application window, click Start on the top left.
    Application window

    Spirion will begin searching for all identity matches. For first-time scans this may take a while. Subsequent searches will be quicker, since previously scanned files that have not changed will be skipped. You can minimize the application while this is running. It is not recommended to pause the scan.
    While scanning, a Status window will show your search status.
    Status window

  2. When complete, select OK.
    Search complete screen

The Results Window and Preview Pane

Your search results will be listed in the window on the left side with the Preview Pane showing on the right. The Preview Pane is enabled by default but can be turned on and off by going to View > Preview Pane on the menu bar.

If you click on an Identity Match on the left, the reference will be cited and the sensitive parts highlighted in yellow in the Preview Pane.
Results window

Actions You Can Take with Files that Spirion Has Found

Shredding Files

When a location has sensitive identity match information in it and you wish to remove it from your computer, you should utilize the Shred feature. Use Shred when you no longer need the personal information or any other data in the item.

Once you shred a file, it is gone, and irretrievable. It is not possible to "un-do" Shred.

Shred icon

Scrubbing or Redacting

When a location has sensitive identity match information in it and you wish to keep the original file but no longer need the personal information contained within it, use the Scrub feature. This feature is also known as "Redact" and is limited to certain file types.
Scrub icon

Securing Files

When a location has sensitive identity match information in it and you wish to keep the item with the personal information within it, you should utilize the Secure feature. Also known as "Encrypt", this feature prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing the files. To un-encrypt the files, you must enter your Spirion Profile password. This feature can be used for times when many sensitive data files are found, but you are not able to immediately remove them from the computer.
Secure icon

Ignoring Search Results

When Spirion locates an identity match that is not sensitive, you may wish to use the Ignore feature. Ignored matches are added to an approved exception list so that Spirion skips them in the future. Sensitive data should never be flagged with Ignore. Action must be taken.
Ignore icon

Select the file for the intended action by clicking on the location or checking the box to the left of the file location. Then select the action button. You will be asked to confirm the action.

Saving a Report

  1. To save a report of the files found, go to File > Save on the menu bar.
    File menu options

  2. The Save Secure IDF Results File dialog box appears. Give your file a name and select Save.

  3. To open your report, you will be prompted for your Spirion Profile password.

By default the report is saved in the Spirion format (.idf). You can also save it as a Web Page file (.htm or .html) or a Text Export file (comma delimited or .csv).
Report format options

See Also

If you haven't found the answer to your question on this page, try the Spirion FAQ.

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November 21, 2022

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