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Tableau Server Permissions

Tableau terminology

Folder navigation

  • Project: contains Tableau content produced by a department; similar to a folder
    • projects consist of workbooks (.twb or .twbx files), views, and data sources
    • projects are flat (no subprojects or folders within a folder)
  • Workbook: Tableau workbook (.twb or .twbx file), resides inside a project
  • View: tab within a Tableau workbook
  • Data Source: files or database tables, or combination of the two, used to create a workbook

User roles

  • Server Administrator: IS&T staff who administer the entire Tableau Server installation.
  • Site Administrator: administers permissions and content in a site
  • Project Leader: administers permissions in a project, can create or delete content within a project
  • Publisher: produces content; can publish, and update or delete workbooks they own; needs permission to delete workbooks owned by other users
  • Interactor: consumes contents, can filter, sort or download
  • Viewer: views content, but cannot filter, sort, or otherwise interact with the view

Permission scope

(adapted from Tableau Server online help)

  • Site role: A user's site role determines whether a user can publish, interact with, or only view content and the different levels of permissions allowed for a user. By default all users are assigned the Publisher site role, so if they have Publisher permission within a project, they will be able to create content in that project.
  • Content permissions: Every project, workbook, view, or data source can have a unique set of permission rules. Permissions at the content level are more granular.
    • Recommendations:
      • Permissions should be set using Groups (Moira lists) instead of at the User level
      • “Deny” permissions take precedence over “Allow” permissions if a User is part of multiple Groups
      • Permissions on lower-level objects (such as Workbooks) override permissions on higher-level objects (such as Projects)
    • See the following pages for more information:

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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January 19, 2016

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