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Subject Management SDM Forms

Please note that this page and related pages are being developed as part of the CIM Courses Project and are subject to change.

SIS Data Maintenance or SDM forms were originally created as part of the Oracle Forms Replacement project, documentation can be found here

This document discusses additional forms added as part of the CIM-Courses project.

New forms added as part of CIM Courses project

All of these forms are within the Registrar tab of the SIS Data Maintenance application, and Authorization is done through the MIT Roles Service. Each of these forms has standard information maintained for fields CREATE_BY, CREATE_DATE, MODIFY_BY, and MODIFY_DATE (note: these will not be listed below per form, to avoid repetition).
VERSION properties are likewise automatically maintained, and not shown.

# XREGINST CrossRegInstitutions

This form is used to maintain the list of institutions for cross registration.
Table used is SFPMGR.XREG_VV_HOME_INSTITUTION. Creation and editing are allowed, but deletion of records not allowed.

property validations
id a UUID that is not displayed on the form.
homeInstitutionCode Required, length 2 chars. Cannot be changed when editing.
homeInstitutionName Required, length 100 chars.
masterSubjectUpdateRule Required, must be in ['D', 'S', 'E']
subjectUpdateRuleDescription Read-only, Selected from MasterSubjectUpdateRuleDescription
masterSubjectDefaultSubjectCode Optional, length 3 chars. Required if masterSubjectUpdateRule = 'D', otherwise not allowed.

# XREGORG CrossRegOrganizationUnits

This form is used to maintain the list of organization units within an Institution. Currently this is supported for Harvard only.
Table used is SFPMGR.XREG_MIT_SUBJECT_CODE_LKP. Creation, editing, and deletion of records allowed (subject to foreign key constraints).

property validations
id a UUID that is not displayed on the form
homeInstitutionCode required, currently set to "H" but theoretically refers to CrossRegInstitutions.homeInstitutionCode
schoolShortName Required, length up to 32 chars. Cannot be changed when editing.
schoolName Optional, length up to 64 chars.
subjCode Required, validated against STVSUBJ_CODE from SubjectAreas (table: SATURN.STVSUBJ).
creditTypeCode Optional, validated against unique values from CreditConversionCodes
courseOption Optional, validated against DepartmentCourseOptions.

# XREGCRCN CreditConversionCodes

This form is used to maintain the conversion of credits between cross registration institutions and MIT.
Table used is SFPMGR.XREG_OUT_CREDIT_CONVERSION. Creation, editing, and deletion of records allowed (subject to foreign key constraints).

property validations
id a UUID that is not displayed on the form.
creditTypeCode Selected from, cannot be changed when editing.
minCredits Required, values 0.00 to 999.99.
maxCredits Required, values 0.00 to 999.99. Cannot be less than minCredits.
mitUnits Required, values 0 to 99.
effectiveFromTerm Required, length 6.
effectiveThruTerm Required, length 6.

# XREGCRDT CrossRegOutgoingCreditTypes

This form is used to maintain valid credit type codes for partner institutions.
Table used is SFPMGR.XREG_OUTGOING_CREDIT_TYPE. Creation, editing, and deletion of records allowed (subject to foreign key constraints).

property validations
id Required and must be unique, length 3 chars. Cannot be changed when editing.
hostInstitutionCode Required, selected from CrossRegOrganizationUnits.homeInstitution
description Required, max length 100 chars.
availableFromTerm Required, size 6 chars.
availableThruTerm Required, size 6 chars.

# SUBCNFG SubjectMgmtConfigs

This form is used to manage configuration values for the Subject Management system.

Currently, his form only supports maintaining the dates that control some application and backfill to old systems.
See Annual Catalog Rollover


Currently, it is not supported to create or delete entries in this table, only to edit configValue.

As of Feb 2019, there are four config values being managed in this table:
• mitsisBackfillAllowedUptoYear – Academic year that determines the upper bound to backfill MITSIS tables
• cisBackfillAllowedUptoYear – Academic year that determines the upper bound to backfill CIS tables
• cisBackfillAllowedFromYear – Academic year that determines the lower bound to backfill CIS tables
• termPlanDefaultSearchYear - The default search year displayed on the Term Plan Application search page

property validations
id The id of the table is a UUID that is not displayed on the form.
configCode Code for the applicable value, required, readonly, VARCHAR2(200).
configValue Selected from ( table: SATURN.STVACYR).
description More human readable explanation of what the value is for, not required, readonly, VARCHAR2(250). The description is selected from SFPMGR.XREG_VV_MAST_SUBJ_UPD_RULE table.

Developer Notes

Development Environment

A guide for setting up a developer environment is under the OFRP project at Environment Setup -SDM
Warning: Due to the passage of time, and the reliance of the currently used (obsolete) Grails 2 framework, expect to encounter hurdles in setup.

Changes for this project described

This is not a complete description of changed SDM functionality since OFRP.

Neither this document nor the OFRP notes include all information about SDM, some interim modifications were made
so that non-Grails forms such as SHASTMIN also can be launched within the application.


Authorization is handled through the MIT Roles service.
More authorization details are at Subject Management Authorizations

Related file changes

common files in SDM

(This is routine for managing forms)


Implemented Domain classes, controller, and views


Implemented Domain class only, no controller or view

Domain class for lookups against table SATURN.STVRE_CRSE
Domain class for lookups against table SFPMGR.XREG_VV_MAST_SUBJ_UPD_RULE

Modified domain class

Modified Domain class for lookups against table SATURN.STVSUBJ




Database installation reminders

Database permissions

Request the DBA's grant insert/delete/select permissions for any added tables to DS_MIT_SDM  account via ADMIN_SDM role


You will need to add an entry for any new form to the SDM_ORACLE_FORMS_CTL table

Useful SDM URLs

Dev -
Test -
Sched-test -
Production -

Subject Management Documentation Index

The Subject Management Documentation Index is the central listing for documentation pertaining to Subject Management.


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IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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March 08, 2019

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