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Deploying GlobalProtect Connect Before Logon via MECM

The End User Computing team has provided a Global Protect with Connect Before Logon package in MECM for you to deploy to your computers. This package is listed under MIT Applications and is labeled as "EPM - GlobalProtect x.x.x (with Connect Before Logon)". This application will install GlobalProtect with Connect Before Logon setting.

This package includes a setting that provides an additional logon field at the Windows logon screen. This is located in the lower right corner of the logon screen as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Once you've started the VPN logon process, simply proceed to authenticate to the VPN as usual.

Additionally, the GlobalProtect (with Connect Before Logon) has been made available in the Software Center for most computers already. Unless you've opted out your computer collection from receiving the standard set of software deployments, you should see this application in the Software Center on your client computers.

Existing GlobalProtect Installations That Don't Have Connect Before Logon Enabled

If you've already installed GlobalProtect and the Connect Before Logon setting is not already enabled, there is an application in the MECM console to turn on Connect Before Logon. Deploy the "EPM - GlobalProtect - Enable Connect Before Logon Setting". You can choose to deploy this to computers that already have GlobalProtect or if you deploy to a computer that doesn't have the GlobalProtect client installed, Connect Before Logon will be enabled when that computer installs the GlobalProtect client.

Installing the GlobalProtect with Connect Before Logon using the Software Center:

  1. Connect to an MIT VPN connection.
  2. Click the Windows key and type "Software Center".
  3. Search for "GlobalProtect"
  4. Click "Install".
  5. Upon installation your computer will need to restart.

If you get the error "The software change returned error code 0x87d00607" MECM may need to check-in for your computer's policy and that will take 15 minutes. To do this manually:

  1. Click the Windows key and type "Control Panel".
  2. In the search bar in the top right type "Configuration Manager".
  3. Click the Actions tab.
  4. Select "User Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle".
  5. Click Run Now.

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December 21, 2020

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