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How to share recordings from a past course in Canvas

If you recorded lectures or other videos during a previous semester that you would like to reuse on another Canvas course site, please see below for instructions on how to share a video based on where your videos are located.

Sharing in Canvas
If you choose to use sharable links from either platform, you may link to a video in any of your Canvas modules.

If your recordings are on Panopto

  1. Login to Panopto ( and browse to My Folder, and then your class folder or the folder you selected for your recordings.
  2. Navigate to the Zoom recording in your Panopto account and hover the mouse over it to reveal additional options.
  3. Click the Share button. From there, you may specify individual users to share the video with, or share it more broadly (for example, sharing with anyone with whom you've shared a link to the video).

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If your recordings are on Zoom

  1. If you recorded the meeting in the cloud, it will be located here: (Touchstone Authentication Required).
  2. Once you have logged into Zoom and accessed the recording page, find the cloud recording you want to share.
  3. Click Share.
  4. In the Share this cloud recording pop-up window, adjust your sharing settings as desired.
  5. Click Copy Sharing Information, then navigate to where you want to share the cloud recording and paste the sharing information.

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September 05, 2021

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