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Q: How can I image a computer using EUC Lite Touch when I'm off-campus?


We understand that due to COVID-19, many technicians will require imaging Windows computers away from MIT's campus. While EUC Lite Touch normally requires an on-campus network connection to make a connection to the deployment share, the EUC team can create a special Standalone version for use when away from MIT's network.

Please send a request to the with the following information:

Subject: EUC Lite Touch Standalone Media for DepartmentName

Body: Include the list of models you'd like to support. We'll need to include the driver packs for these.

Please add support for:

  • OptiPlex 7070
  • OptiPlex 7080
  • Latitude 7290
  • Latitude 7300
  • Latitude 7490

Imaging Process

The EUC team will generate a custom ISO based on your requirements. The team will send a Dropbox link to your custom ISO which you can use to create a bootable USB flash drive. In most cases, this ISO will fit on a 16GB or larger flash drive. A typical ISO file size is about 10-12GB (2-3 models included) but can increase in size about 0.5-1GB per additional model supported.

You'll need to connect your computer to a wired Internet connection during the imaging process, as certain steps will require downloading packages from the Internet. You should use the built-in Ethernet connection where possible or use a USB Ethernet adapter. It's recommended to use a USB Ethernet adapter brand directly from the vendor if possible, as this will give you greatest compatibility. Generally speaking, if you can plug in an Ethernet adapter and Windows recognizes it without manually installing any drivers, you should be fine to use that adapter for imaging.

Update June 11, 2020 - Imaging with Wi-Fi instead of Ethernet
We've added a new step in the task sequence to check if your computer has a valid IP address. If no IP address is found, then the task sequence is paused. This will allow you to connect to Wi-Fi network. Once you've connected, you can double-click the "Resume Task Sequence" shortcut on the desktop and the imaging process will continue.


If you are unfamiliar with creating a bootable USB flash drive, please follow [this KB article].

If you are joining the computer to the domain, skip the domain join step during imaging. You'll want to manually create a computer object in AD Users and Computers using Citrix (follow steps for Join Domain Manually). All Standalone media will include the GlobalProtect Connect Before Logon so that you can connect to the VPN and join your computer to the domain.

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May 27, 2021

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