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Q: Dropbox Error user_already_on_team


You got an error message when trying to sign up for MIT Dropbox

You try to sign up for MIT Dropbox , and start at,
After clicking on the agree and next buttons, it leads to a page stating that

MIT Dropbox Enrollment

An error has occurred while setting up your Dropbox account



This can mean a few possible things:

  • You might have already joined the MIT team in the past, but forgotten that you already joined.
  • You might have requested an invitation email, but did not finish joining Dropbox using the invitation.
  • Your MIT email address is associated with a personal or business Dropbox account.


To check to see if you are already joined to MIT's Dropbox:

  1. Go to
  2. Try to sign in with your MIT email address ( and no password (blank, empty).
  3. If it takes you through Touchstone login and successfully logs in, you are already on the MIT Dropbox team.

If you cannot log into the MIT team, you may have a unused Dropbox invitation in your email.

  1. Search your email for a message from, inviting you to join Dropbox for Business.
  2. Click the button that says "Join the MIT Team".
  3. If you cannot find the email, you can contact the IS&T, describe that you cannot find the Dropbox invitation, and request that another invitation be sent.

If you are using your MIT email for a personal or business Dropbox, you'll need to change the address associated with that account before joining the MIT team.

  1. Log into your personal or business account and edit "Personal email" under account settings.

If the above steps do not work:

  1. Backup all the files in Dropbox onto a thumb drive.
  2. Go to and deleted your personal dropbox, which
    removes everything from your dropbox folder on my machine.
  3. Reconnected your MIT email to the Enterprise Dropbox.
  4. Upload the files from thumb drive into the MIT Dropbox
    directory that was created on your machine.
  5. Change the directory to "online only".
  6. You should now see all files on your Enterprise account.

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July 21, 2020

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