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Lists allow you to present information as a series of ordered items.

Notation Comment
* some
* bullet
** indented
** bullets
* points
A bulleted list (must be in first column). Use more (**) for deeper indentations.


  • some
  • bullet
    • indented
    • bullets
  • points

- different
- bullet
- types
A list item (with -), several lines create a single list.


  • different
  • bullet
  • types

# a
# numbered
# list
A numbered list (must be in first column). Use more (##, ###) for deeper indentations.


  1. a
  2. numbered
  3. list

# a
# numbered
#* with
#* nested
#* bullet
# list

* a
* bulletted
*# with
*# nested
*# numbered
* list

You can even go with any kind of mixed nested lists:


  1. a
  2. numbered
    • with
    • nested
    • bullet
  3. list

  • a
  • bulletted
    1. with
    2. nested
    3. numbered
  • list


The Dynamic Tasklist Macro displays a task list which can be modified in the page as it is viewed. Despite the fact that this plugin has an ajax UI, it is still fully versioned like a normal Confluence page.

  • showAssignee - (optional) If set to true the assignee will be shown in the tasks.
  • width - (optional) The width of the tasklist (default is 640px). To set the width to 400 pixels, set the parameter value to 400px.
  • enableLocking - (optional) If set to true, tasks can be locked so other users can not modify.
  • autoLockOnComplete (optional) Used in conjunction with enableLocking. Tasks will auto lock when it is completed.
  • promptOnDelete - (optional) If set to false there will not be any confirmation prompt when deleting a task.

What you need to type What you will get
{dynamictasklist:Arthurs To-Do's}

The {rate} macro allows visitors to rate various aspects of your content

  • allowAnonymous - false stops anonymous from rating this content (default: true)
  • allowUsers - false stops logged in users from rating this content (default: true)
  • theme - the theme to use (basic, v2 - default: v2)

The {rate-search} macro uses a smart list to find content based around the rating stats.


  • maxResults - the maximum number of results to return
  • spaces - the comma separated list of spaces to search through
  • minRates - the minimum number of rates needed for inclusion in the results

Theme: v2 (default)

  • hideSpace - if true, hides the output of the space in the listings
{dynamictable:UniqueName|title=Table Title} ||header1||header2||header3|| {dynamictable}

Displays a dynamic table. Rows are added to the table and updated while viewing the page.

Parameter are the name of the table and optional title. Make sure you don't have two tables in the same page with the same name.