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Various other syntax highlighting capabilities.

Notation Comment
\X Escape special character X (i.e. '{')
:), :( etc Graphical emoticons (smileys).
Notation :) :( :P :D ;) (y) (n) (i) (/) (x) (!)
Notation (+) (-) (?) (on) (off) (*) (*r) (*g) (*b) (*y)

Ensures that the current page is labelled with the ones listed

See Also: User Guide and Examples

{choose-label:labels=orange,red,blue|title=Please Choose...|descriptions=An Orange,A Deep Red,An Ocean Blue}

If none of the labels listed are already defined, presents the user with a choice of labels


  • labels A comma separated list of labels. These will be added when clicked on
  • title A title to show above the list of labels
  • descriptions An optional description for each label that is more human readable. This list must be the same length as the labels list.

See Also: User Guide and Examples