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Q: How do I change the time interval that Outlook automatically checks or sends email?


Microsoft Outlook always automatically schedules a send/receive every 30 minutes. However, the default send/receive interval may not meet some Outlook users’ need, for example they may require Microsoft Outlook scheduling automatically send/receive every 10 minutes, or every hour, etc.

The following steps will walk you through adjusting automatic send/receive time or interval in Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Click the Send/Receive Groups > Define Send/Receive Groups on the Send / Receive tab.

  2. In the Send/Receive Groups dialog box,
    1. Click to highlight the send/receive group that you will change its automatic send/receive interval in the group list;
    2. Make sure the option of Schedule an automatic send/receive every x minutes is checked, and enter your required send/receive interval time in the box in this option. For example, if you need Microsoft Outlook scheduling automatic send/receive every hour, just enter 60 in the box.
    3. It’s optional to check the option of Schedule an automatic send/receive every x minutes in the When Outlook is Offline section, and enter a send/receive interval time in the box.

  3. Click the Close button to exit this dialog box.

Result: From now on, Microsoft Outlook will schedule send/receive for specified send/receive group at specified interval time automatically

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May 04, 2016

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