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Q: Can I start training before I begin my work or studies at MIT?


If you have an MIT ID number, Kerberos ID, and MIT Web Certificates, you can access web-based training before you begin your work or study activities. Note that a wait period of up to 48 hours after MIT Kerberos account creation may be needed before access is available.

If you do not have any of the above, you should take the following steps:

  1. Ask your PI or Supervisor (or your the EHS Coordinator for your Department, Lab or Center) to send an email to, with the following message:

    x is a non-student/non-employee, born on mm/dd.
    Please assign him/her a Permanent MIT ID number and allow him/her to register for a Kerberos ID for the period of y.

    For example:

    Jane User is a non-employee working in my lab, born on 12/23.
    Please assign her a Permanent MIT ID number and allow her to register for a Kerberos ID.

    Result: Athena User Accounts creates a Permanent MIT ID number and sends email to your supervisor with this information.

  2. When your supervisor tells you your Permanent MIT ID number, go to and register for an account. You can also go to an Athena machine and click on Register on the splash screen.
  3. Once you have a Permanent MIT ID number and a working Kerberos ID, you can get your MIT Web Certificates. For instructions and information about certificates, see Certificates at MIT for your computer by following the instructions on MIT's Information Services and Technology.
    The Certificate gives you access to the Online Training Needs Assessment.
  4. Take the online training needs assessment and review your training results on the "My EHS Training - Summary Page" page. This is a summary page includes a list of your training requirements and links to any web-based course options that are available to you.

Return to My EHS Training.

See also: "Your training record is not initialized..." - MIT Learning Center error message

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January 26, 2016

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