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Where are the LaTeX thesis templates?

Important Note on Copyright
By default, these templates are written such that MIT owns the copyright on the thesis. There is a comment in main.tex noting that you can include the "vi" option to make the thesis copyright to you instead of to MIT.

You MUST check with your thesis advisor or departmental administrator to determine whether your thesis should be copyright to you or copyright to MIT. You are strongly encouraged to do this early on in the process, as opposed to a week before the due date. The default behavoir in the template should NOT be taken as an indication that your particular thesis must have the copyright assigned to MIT.

Designed for LaTeX on Athena (Linux)
These templates are designed for use on Athena (Ubuntu Linux). While you may be able to copy these templates for use with a LaTeX program on Mac or Windows, you will need to refer to that program's documentation for information on where to place the template files so they can be referred to by your document.


When starting to write your thesis, the first steps are to create a special directory for it (typically called "thesis") and copy the template files into that directory.

On Athena:

  1. First, make the directory:
    mkdir ~/thesis
  2. Then move to that directory:
    cd ~/thesis
  3. Now, copy the necessary files:
    attach thesis
    cp /mit/thesis/tex/* .
    Note: The final period above is necessary!

To read the file that contains information about the files you just copied over, and how to modify them for your particular thesis, type:

more README.text

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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December 22, 2011

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