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Where can I get information on C or C++ programming?

Unfortunately, OLC does not have the capability to help with detailed questions about programming. In general, problems of this nature require amounts of time and attention that consultants are not capable of providing, except in rare circumstances.

PLEASE BE AWARE that if an attempt is made to help with your problem, there are no guarantees that we will have the resources to completely solve it. Priority must be given to questions that fall into the domains which we support; therefore, it may be necessary to resolve your question if we cannot provide any additional assistance without considerable effort.

Here are some other resources you can consult should we be unable to help completely.

  • The GDB debugger. For more information, type: man gdb
  • The MIT Libraries has a subscription to "Safari", which offers all the O'Reilly technical books online. To access Safari, visit the libraries' website site search, and search for "Safari".
  • The following books may be of use.
    • Pohl, Ira. C++ For C Programmers. Addison-Wesley. (ISBN: 0201395193)
    • Prata, Stephen. C++ Primer. Sams. (ISBN: 0672326973)
    • Kernighan & Ritchie. The C Programming Language. Prentice-Hall Publishing (ISBN: 0131103628)
    • Kelley & Pohl. A Book on C. Addison-Wesley. (ISBN: 0201183994)

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