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Q: How can students submit homework assignments in Gradebook?

If you are using Gradebook Module, students can submit their work via the following steps.


  1. Log into the class site and navigate to the Assignments tab
  2. Locate the assignment in the assignments list for which you want to make a submission
  3. Click the triangle icon to the left of the assignment name
  4. You should now see a new panel for Submissions. Click the + Add Submission button
  5. Complete your submission (enter a title, and then either attach a file or enter some text) and save/submit the changes
  6. You should now see your new submission listed on the page.

Note: In Step 4, if the + Add Submission button does not appear, that means the assignment is not configured to accept submissions online. If you believe you should be able to add a submission in such cases, please contact your instructor or TA, as the assignment settings may need to be adjusted.

Sample student's class assignments page

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February 11, 2021

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