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How do I connect to eduroam on an Android device?

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(The following screens were taken from an Android Galaxy S10 Android version 9 . Kernal 4.14.78-16886901 . Screens may vary over time or make model. Last update 11.14.19 )

From the Android device Home screen go to Settings and select Connections.

  Android Settings 

2. In the Connections option, choose Wi-Fi Networks

Wifi Settings 

3. Choose the eduroam option from the available networks presented:

Wifi SSID options 

4. Users will be presented the following and prompted to enter their login information.

Wifi config options 

  • In the Identity field, enter the full email address of your school. MIT users should enter their Kerberos username with "" at the end:
  • Leave the Anonymous Identity field empty.
  • Opt to not validate the CA Certficate
  • Enter your institutional password in the Password field.
  • If asked for a domain, not all Android devices do, enter:

Kerberos credentials 

Android 12: requires setting CA certificate. Use the "Trust on first use" setting.

*Your school username and school password will be sent to your school for verification. If they work, your wifi will connect.

Wifi connection success 

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July 07, 2023

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  1. Dec 06, 2023

    These steps appear to be outdated, or at least different from what I see on the latest Android 14 version on a Google Pixel phone.

    I have found success connecting with these steps:

    • EAP method: PEAP
    • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
    • CA certificate: Use system certificates
    • TLS version: TLS v1.2
    • Online Certificate Status: Request certificate status
    • Domain:
    • Identity: MIT email address, e.g. ""
    • Anonymous identity: Leave blank (it may be autofilled as "anonymous"; delete it if so)
    • Password: your MIT Kerberos password

    Example screenshot:

    You might need to disable Private DNS under Settings > Network & Internet > Private DNS (further testing needed). It can be re-enabled after the initial connection to Eduroam. I have been able to successfully re-connect to Eduroam without disabling Private DNS again.

    If you receive an authentication error after following these steps, try toggling Wi-Fi off and back on, and let it auto-connect to Eduroam.

    My experience has not been 100% consistent even on my single device, but I hope this helps others who are having trouble connecting.

    1. Dec 11, 2023

      You are a hero. I've been battling with this for a week. Thank you.

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