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Q: How do I pause a CrashPlan backup, configure it to run them at a specific time or stop backups all together?


Because CrashPlan is always working to provide you with incremental backups, it also uses a lot of bandwidth. When you're traveling or at home, you may prefer to pause Crashplan's backup engine to avoid reaching data limits or incurring overage causes that may apply to your personal accounts.

You may also want to pause it's background efforts if you're doing some very computationally intensive work.

How to pause CrashPlan

  1. Sign in to the Code42 app.
  2. From the Code42 app menu:
    • Windows: Select Tools Pause Code42
    • Mac: Select File > Pause Code42
    • Linux: Select Tools Pause Code42

The Code42 service is paused for 1 hour.

How to set specific dates/times for backups

If there are certain times of day during which you want to reduce CrashPlan's bandwidth usage, you can schedule specific days and times that you want CrashPlan to back up. For example, you may want to schedule backups to occur overnight, when you aren't using the Internet.

  1. Open the CrashPlan app and select Settings > Backup.
  2. Change Backup will run to Always.
  3. Select the days and hours when CrashPlan is allowed to back up.
  4. Click "save".

CrashPlan cannot run if your computer is off or asleep. You may need to optimize your energy settings to ensure CrashPlan can operate during the selected time periods.

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April 17, 2019

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