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How do I save or print my PDR form?

In the upper right of your screen, there are icons to Save, Print or Save as PDF.
print and save as pdf icons

Known issues

Manager's Summary missing from printed 2014-15 PDR forms

In the 2014-15 PDR forms, a system bug omits the manager’s annual review summary (the final statement at the end of the year-end review form) when employees print or create pdf's of their own forms. The section is also omitted when PDR Leads print or create pdf's of employees' forms.

The manager's annual review summary does appear

  • in the form viewed directly within the PDR system and
  • in print-outs and pdf's produced by the employee's manager.

It's recommended that managers print out final copies of PDR forms for their employees.

This bug does not occur in 2015-16 forms.

Nothing seems to happen upon clicking Print

See Nothing happens when I click on the Print or PDF button in the PDR tool

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March 15, 2015

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