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Q: How do I move a Knowledge Base article to a different space?


In order to move a Knowledge Base article between spaces you must:

If you're not sure what space an article should be in, see: What do the knowledge base spaces mean?

To move a Knowledge Base article to another space:

  1. Navigate to the article you want to move to a different space. Click on Edit then select Edit This Page.
    Result: The article editing screen opens.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Next to "Location" click on Edit.

    Result: The set page location screen opens.

  3. If you know the name of the space (IS&T Contributions, Community Contributions), simply type it into the New Space box. Confluence will help by providing you options to auto-complete.

  4. Or you can use the Browse feature as follows (be sure to complete both steps):
    1. Click on Browse in the left-hand column to get a drop down list of available categories.
      Result: The Browse screen appears with a drop down list of spaces.

    2. Click on the drop down list to select your space, then wait for the home page of the space and a bunch of pages under it to fill out below. Click on the home page of the space, the one with the globe next to it and the same title as that of the space itself. Just selecting from the drop down menu is not enough.
      Result: The space you have chosen will appear in "New Location" at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Whether you typed in or selected your new space, double check that the "New Location" at the bottom of the screen is the space you want the article moved to. Just selecting the space on the drop down menu won't change that; you must click the space name below it as shown above.

  6. Click the Move button.
    Result: The new location for your article has been selected. You will see that reflected on the article editing screen.
  7. You must click save to save your article and move it into the new space you selected; otherwise your article will not be updated with the new location. Click save
    Result: Your article has been updated and moved to the new space.

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