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Q: How do I calculate the distance between matched pairs of points in ArcGIS?


The XY to Line tool can solve this problem in ArcGIS 10.X:

  1. Create a table that contains these fields (at the very least):
    1. Unique ID: This might be a concatenated field based on the IDs of your two points. If your table contains the IDs of both points as well as a concatenated ID field, you can join the data together at the end.
    2. X coordinate of the first point
    3. Y coordinate of the first point
    4. X coordinate of the second point
    5. Y coordinate of the second point
    6. Note: X and Y coordinate fields can be created by calculating geometry in a point layer's attribute table.
  2. Open the XY to Line tool (Data Management Tools > Features > XY to Line).
    1. Make sure the ID field is specified.
    2. GEODESIC should be the line type so that a straight line is created.
  3. Open the attribute table of the resulting layer.
  4. Add a field (type: Double) named DISTANCE
  5. Right click on the heading of DISTANCE, click Calculate Geometry, and calculate the length in whatever units you wish.

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