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Q: How can I protect my computer from theft?


To help protect the MIT community from the loss of computers - particularly vulnerable laptops, as well as other small electronic devices - we continually review new products and services that may be of value.

 None of these products fall under the waiver of retention policy for equipment theft as part of the MIT Insurance Program.

Cables and Locks

These vendors have devices which physically lock down your computer equipment to prevent a thief from walking away with it.

  • AnchorPad - Santa Ana, CA - 800.626.2467. Local Representative at New England Computer Security - 339.927.4813.
  • Compu-Gard - Swansea, MA - 800.333.6810
  • KSL Security - Waltham, MA - 617.253.6367

Additional Options

GovConnection carries a few anti-theft devices with discounts for the MIT community. Just visit the catalog in Ecat and search on the term "theft" to find other theft-related products. Office supply stores, such as Staples, also carry these types of products.

For a more technical solution, several companies make software that when installed on your laptop will attempt to locate it through a tracking device. The following list of these products is not supported or vetted by MIT:

  • Computrace LoJack for Laptops (by Absolute Software)
  • LocateMyLaptop
  • LaptopLocate
  • PC PhoneHome
  • PC Retrieve
  • Undercover (by Orbicule, for Mac OS X)

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May 18, 2022

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