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Installing Root and Personal Certificates on iOS

Personal Certificates can only be installed in Safari.
NO other browsers are supported.

(These instructions have been tested on devices running iOS 14 and higher)

You CANNOT install certificates on an iOS device without creating a passcode for it*. This feature cannot be changed as it is an iOS design configuration setup by Apple, not MIT. If you prefer to keep your phone unlocked, please do not attempt to install certificates on the device. If you do choose to proceed with certificate installation on your iOS devices, it is highly recommended that you set the device passcode before you begin the certificate installation process.

On this page:

Installing the MIT Root Certificate

Note: The MIT Root Certificate does not need to be renewed every year. If you are looking to renew your MIT Personal Certificate you may skip this section.

  1. Open Safari and go to MIT's Certificates page
  2. On the Mobile Certificates Page select the first link Obtain the MIT Root CA.

    *NOTE if you are using an iPad, you will need to switch to the mobile version of safari in order to proceed. Tap on the Aa icon on the left side of the URL bar and select "Request Mobile Website".
  3. Confirm you want to allow the download of the profile.

  4. If you use an Apple Watch, you'll get the following question. Choose iPhone.

  5. This next screen advised you to open the Settings app - do so.
  6. In Settings go to General > VPN & Device Management to see your profiles, tap on MIT Root Certificate.

  7. Tap install.

  8. Enter your phone's passcode.

  9. Tap install.
  10. Tap Done.

Installing your Personal MIT Certificate.

If you currently have a personal certificate on your iOS device and wish to renew your personal certificate you must first remove your old personal certificate. Please follow these instructions on how to Deleting Personal Certificates from an iOS device before continuing.
  1. Open Safari and go to MIT's Certificates page.
  2. Select Obtain Your Personal Certificate.

  3. You will be prompted to enter in your Kerberos ID, and password. Once you have done so, tap Get Certificate

  4. You will then be prompted for Duo Verification. Verify as you normally would. *NOTE: if you do not see any verification option on the screen, scroll down within the box that shows your Duo device details and the options should appear.
  5. On the following page you will be given a random 4-digit validation number. It is very important to remember this number as it will be required in the following steps to verify your certificates (Do not confuse it with your passcode). Write it down and tap Continue

  6. Confirm you want to allow the download of the profile.
  7. The next screen advised you to open Settings - do so.
  8. In Settings go to General > VPN & Device Management, tap on your Personal Certificate.

  9. From the Install Profile screen tap Install.

  10. Type in your device passcode.

  11. Next, you may need to tap Install again, then you will now be asked for the 4-digit random number that was generated in step 4. Type this number in and tap Next.

  12. Your personal certificate should now be installed. Tap Done.

    Your personal certificate may be listed as "Not Verified". This is expected, and will not impact the functionality of the certificate.
    Not all MIT certificate protected websites support iOS devices. Please contact the website owner/creator with specific compatibility issues or questions.

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September 12, 2022

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