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Firefox not Selecting Correct Certificate

This is a workaround for Firefox not selecting the correct MIT Certificate by default if more than one is installed

1. Click on the Menu button, then click Preferences

2. Click on the Privacy and Security tab and scroll down to Security

3. Under Certificates, if "Select one automatically" is checked, change it to "Ask Every time"

4. Clear cookies in the browser by scrolling up to Cookies and Site Data and clicking on Clear Data

5. Click on the History/Bookmark icon and select History then Clear Recent History

6. Go back to the site you were trying to login to. Click on Use Certificate - Go.You might be prompted for Duo on the next page

Select the certificate that begins your name, without SSO.

(I) If this does not resolve the issue, restart your browser and try again. Sometimes there are caching issues this can resolve.

If Firefox does not prompt you to select as certificate, follow these steps:

1. Access Firefox's "Advanced Preferences" by opening a new tab and typing "about:config" into the address bar
2. Firefox will display a "Proceed with caution" warning. Click on "Accept the risk and continue".
3. On the "Search preference name" bar, type "security.default_personal_cert"
4. Set the value of that property to Ask Every Time
5. Close the tab (make sure that you do not change anything else)

If this still doesn't work,

  1. Go to Privacy & Security > Certificate Manager > Authentication Decisions
  2. Select your invalid MIT certificates and delete them manually from the lists.


Documentation and information provided by the MIT Community

Last Modified:

August 02, 2023

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