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Apple Mail shows incorrect name for email address


How come Apple Mail shows the wrong name when I type my MIT email address in the To or CC field?


Apple Mail
Address Book

The name that shows up in the TO: or CC: field when typing an email address is incorrect.
(Ex. Joe User <> instead of Joseph User <>)

Contacts Card Solution 1

Apple Mail pulls the name information from cards in the contacts app (or iCloud Accounts, see below). If there is a card with the email address typed, it will try to use the name on that card. This can be changed by:

  • Open Contacts
  • Search for the email address
  • Click Edit
  • Click the name in the card to change it.
  • Click Edit again to stop editing

Test by trying to create a new message to the email address in question.

Contacts Card Solution 2

  • Open Contacts
  • Search for the email address
  • Select the wrong name.
  • Click Edit > Delete Card
  • Click the + sign to create a new card with the correct information.
If you use iCloud to share your contacts across devices, you will need to wait for it to sync before it will be updated on all of them. You may also need to check contact information on other devices - especially phones - if this recurs.

Mail Account Information Solution

  1. Open the Mail app, then select Mail > Preferences….
  2. Select the Accounts tab and select the email account you want to edit.
  3. Edit the "Full Name" field to be whatever you prefer.

Ventura Solution

How to iSolve has additional instructions for Ventura.

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April 27, 2023

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