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Deploy macOS Updates using Jamf Mass Action MDM Commands

MDM Commands are valid for both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs
While the policy based method in Jamf is a valid method for Intel Macs, MDM commands are a valid update mechanism for both Intel AND Apple Silicon Macs.
  1. If you want to deploy a macOS update for a single computer, do a search for a particular computer. Otherwise if you want to deploy a macOS update to a group of computers select a Static or Smart computer group. Then click the Action button.
  2. You will be presented with options for initiating actions against your computer(s). You will be choosing Send Remote Commands.
  3. From the list of remote commands select the option Update OS version and built-in apps (macOS 10.11 or later, Supervised or enrolled via a PreStage Enrollment). The recommended Install Action is Download and allow macOS to installer later. Then set your desired number of max deferrals for the user. This will give the user some time to install the macOS later if they choose but ultimately require the update installation after the max number of deferrals has been reached.
    Upgrade to a specific version of macOS
    If you need to update to specific version, Select the Specific Version radio button and select the desired version number. For example, this MDM command will upgrade the target computers to macOS 12.6.1.

  4. Once you click Next, the action will be sent.
  5. If a deferral is selected the user will see a deferral warning similar to the image below:
  6. When the user clicks the options menu, then can choose to: Install, Try Tonight, or Remind Me Tomorrow. Selecting Remind Me Tomorrow counts as 1 deferral. Once the max number of deferrals has been reached, the option to Remind Me Tomorrow will disappear and the only remaining options will be Install or Try Tonight.

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November 07, 2022

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