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Zoom and Panopto

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The Panopto/Zoom integration automatically uploads your Zoom recordings to Panopto after your meeting ends, where you can use Panopto’s editing and sharing features. This feature applies to recordings that are saved to the cloud or meetings that have been scheduled through the Canvas LTI.

Before You Begin

  1. Login to Panopto's web interface to activate your account.
  2. Review and set your Panopto account preferences by clicking on your name > User Preferences.
  3. If you are using Zoom in Canvas, under "Zoom Recording Import Settings", ensure you set up a folder and meeting ID as desired. More information here.

Recording a Zoom Meeting

Once the integration is configured, recording a Zoom meeting follows the same steps as any Zoom instance:

  1. Join the Zoom meeting
  2. Click *Record *in the menu bar (make sure to select 'Record to the Cloud' if both Cloud and local recording are available

  3. When finished, click Stop Recording and the recording will be automatically uploaded to your Zoom account and Panopto library.

Accessing and Viewing a Zoom Recording

All video streams, screen shares, audio transcript and chat discussion from the Zoom meeting will be available to view in Panopto.

  1. Once the recording has been uploaded to Panopto, you will receive an email notification to say it's available to view.
  2. Login into Panopto and navigate to My Folder then your class folder or the folder you selected for your Zoom recordings.
  3. Click on the meeting recording to view it.

All Panopto editing functions are also accessible from this view.

Sharing a Zoom Recording from Panopto

From Panopto, Zoom recordings can be shared in their raw form (with all content available to anyone the recording is shared with) or as an edited video. To edit a video, see Edit a Video.

  1. Navigate to the Zoom recording in your Panopto account and hover the mouse over it to reveal additional options
  2. Click the Share button.

  3. Add specific people by typing users in the Invite people box, or click Add Meeting Participants to share with all meeting participants.

  4. Click Send and save changes to share.

Accessibility Options

Panopto and Zoom offer auto-caption functionality which can be enabled. More information including setup instructions and common errors can be found here: How to Add ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) Captions into a Video

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February 19, 2021

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