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Using BeyondTrust As a Support Technician (formerly Bomgar)

This page contains documentation for how to use MIT's BeyondTrust software. It is written for use by support technicians. If you are a BeyondTrust admin looking for documentation, see this article for Admins, or if you are looking for information about the end-user experience when using BeyondTrust, see this article.

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Download & Install

  1. Go to MIT's BeyondTrust login page and click "Use SAML for Authentication." Do not enter a username and password.

  2. Once logged in select the appropriate platform, and click on the button labeled Download Representative Console.

  3. If you are on a Mac, a disk image containing the BeyondTrust software will download to your computer: copy this into your Applications folder. If you're on Windows, an installation wizard will download: run the wizard.

Getting Started

  1. Once the BeyondTrust application is installed, you can launch it as you would launch any application.

  2. Once the server and client are in version agreement, you will be able to log in using this window. Be sure to select "SAML Credentials."

Connecting to a remote computer

Lincoln Lab machines cannot be accessed using BeyondTrust. For issues in need of BeyondTrust access, the Lincoln Labs help desk can be reached at 781-981-4357 or
  1. Once you have launched and logged in to the BeyondTrust Representative Console application you can direct the end user to There they should see a list of screen names, including your own.

  2. Direct the user to click on your screen name to download and run the end-user application. For more information about what they can expect to see, please refer to the BeyondTrust for End-users article.

  3. Running the end-user client application initiates a connection to your BeyondTrust client software. BeyondTrust receives this connection, and offers you the client as an entry in your "Personal" queue. Click on the entry and then click the Accept button, or just double-click on the client's entry in your list.

  4. Once you accept the connection, BeyondTrust's interface updates to a button that allows you to start the screen sharing session.

  5. Once you request a screen sharing session, the end user then has to grant you share and control privileges.

  6. You can now begin your support session.

BeyondTrust options

Session controls

  • Annotations - Includes tools for visually highlighting elements of the user's screen, such as a pointer, and simple drawing tools.
  • Power Control - Allows for shut down and restart of user's computer. Restart provides for a persistent connection across reboot.
  • Special Actions - Allows quick access to commonly used Windows functions, such as Control Panel, Start Menu, and Run...
  • Screen shot
  • View and window controls
  • Elevate privileges (shield icon) - Allows support representative to execute actions at an admin level of access


Mac users of the Desktop Remote Support client can sometimes get into a state where their name does not show up in the list of available representatives on the support portal web page. If this happens, try these steps:

  1. Close/logout of the Desktop Rep Console.
  2. Delete the following plist and folder:
    ~/Library/Application Support/bomgar/bomgar-rep/
  3. Restart and then try re-launching the Desktop Console.

Other BeyondTrust issues that cannot be resolved by the Service Desk can be referred to the End User Computing team.

Ending the session

When you and the user are ready to finish, one of you can click the Red X to end the session. Whoever initiates ending the session will be prompted to confirm.

On the remote computer, the BeyondTrust application that was installed will be removed and confirmation of the removal is displayed.

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

Last Modified:

July 22, 2020

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