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Travel Registry Admin User Guide

The Institute Travel Registry allows MIT program administrators to manage and report on their program's travelers and data. To request administrative access to the Travel Registry Admin function, please email

Step 1: Go to URL: Save this as a favorite.
It is single sign on through your MIT Kerberos account in Atlas. When accessing the site, if you get this error message (screen shot), just click on the saved URL again and the error resolves.

Step 2: Admin Home Screen. Click the Plus box next to programs to add/create the name of your program or trip.

Step 3: Program Menu comes up.

  1. Name Your Trip Program (user defined and relevant to the travelers)
  2. Select your academic Department (you cannot customize as this comes from an HR list). Email for IS&T assistance to help you determine where your department falls on the list. Most times it is apparent.
    1. Note that it may fall under a broader category, i.e., Legatum is under Sloan School of Management (D_Sloan)
  3. Self-explanatory trip start and end dates. Deadline date is required for travelers to complete the registration (admin defined). Select one country and city. Travelers can add more than one. You may need to provide instruction is multi-country and city. Click Save.

Step 4: Select country and similarly a city from a list of pre-selected cities.

Step 5: Sample of itinerary and comments ready to save for the program trip.

Step 6: After clicking Save, admin is ready to invite travelers either by using the template for uploading MIT ID and Kerb ID (email without the Download to your desktop, fill out, then upload it. Do not add other columns and data to it. Doing that, will cause the upload to fail.

Step 7a: Upload the spreadsheet (Excel template) if you have a group. If individual, see step 9.

Step 7b: Alternatively use and upload the CSV template.

Step 8: Confirmation query on uploading the spreadsheet and numbers of travelers.

Step 9: Alternatively, if you have your traveler’s MIT ID, you can use this tool and the rest auto-populates.

Hint. If you have the Kerberos, type it and hit tab, the rest of the information populates avoiding the need to look up the ID.

Step 10: Confirmation of Successful Traveler Uploads to Program. This is an example of the individual upload. A message in green will flash at the top of the screen briefly.

Step 11: Your traveler/s receive/s this email.

Tip: The system sends the email once only or one last time on any deadline date if specified. If not in the traveler in-box, instruct them to check junk/spam. If not there, the email may not have been sent. In any case, unless you got an error message when uploading their kerberos & ID, when they log in to, the program invite will be on their profile page to complete.

Step 12: On the traveler’s profile page in the registry (, they will see the invite and should open it to complete the registration tasks.

Note, if a traveler has not included updated vaccine or booster information the system will not allow for a registration to proceed. In that case, the traveler needs to contact as soon as possible for assistance in order to continue the registration.

Step 13: Traveler will see trip details but must complete full journey.

Step 14: The traveler will be provided the Institute’s risk acknowledgment form (RAF) to read and sign. This is the first registration task.

Step 15: At the bottom of the RAF, signature is digital by clicking accept.

Step 16: Add trip legs - Traveler inputs further details in addition to what the administrator started (see step 5). At a minimum, travelers must add the leg for their arrival and the leg for their departure. If there are layovers, those can be added; however, two legs are necessary for them to appear on the main dashboard for the entire length of the trip.

In, if the traveler cannot find the airline in the pre-set drop down list, instruct to use “Private Charter” option and indicate the airline in the comments, i.e., Play Airlines does not appear so this work-around must be used.

Step 17: If tickets are available or information is known but the ticket is not yet purchased, they input flight segments (airline, flight number, departure date and time, arrival date and time). They can then add another segment until reaching destinations (whether one-way or round trip). You may need to google airline and airport codes; for example, Emirates must be typed and you will get Emirates (EK). Airport codes are three letter alpha codes; for example, Dubai is DXB or BOS for Logan International Airport.

Step 18: Final results for a round trip can look like this.

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May 27, 2022

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