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The MIT GUEST Wireless Network

Intended Audience and Use

MIT GUEST is not encrypted. The network is provided for visitors and short-term guests and has limited access to the Internet and MIT resources. The MIT GUEST network is not intended for long-term use. For example, MIT GUEST should be used by summer program or conference attendees as well as non-student or non-faculty residents.

Limited Access

The MIT GUEST network is separated from the rest of the MIT network with a firewall and network address translation (NAT). This limits the services that will work over this network. For instance: printing to Pharos printers over TCP/IP port 631 (CUPS) will not work. See the list of blocked and allowed ports on MIT GUEST.

Wireless Non-Computers

While MIT GUEST can be used for wireless devices, such as gaming consoles, that do not support the security protocols required to connect to the MIT SECURE wireless network, wired connections are usually better, if available, for your device. See which popular devices can and can't connect to MIT SECURE.

How to Connect

Select MIT GUEST as the wireless network option. The network uses a captive portal registration system (similar to a splash page). Visitors connecting to MIT GUEST will be required to provide an email address or mobile phone number to access the network. Guest users that do not have access to SMS/text messaging or e-mail (e.g. international travelers without data roaming) can use the "Request Access from Sponsor" option and enter their sponsor's MIT e-mail address.

If your device can not see the network, contact the IS&T Service Desk for assistance.

Note that the IS&T Service Desk does not support all wireless devices, and may recommend contacting the vendor of the product if you are having issues.

Wired Connection for Guests

If the wireless network is not available in your area of campus, you will need a wired network connection. Learn more.

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August 03, 2023

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