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TSM Policies

TSM accepts new registrations for server machine backups only. To back up your desktop or laptop, download and register for a Code42/CrashPlan account.


Important facts regarding your TSM account and data stored on the TSM server(s).

  • Kept, as long as the partition they reside on has been backed up in the last 180 days.
  • Previous version of a current file on your server machine: Kept for 30 days after a backup marks the file as an older version.
  • Files deleted from your server machine: Kept for 30 days after a backup detects the file as deleted from your server machine.
  • Archived files: Kept for the duration of your server machine's TSM subscription, or until you delete it.

Your TSM account is subject to deletion when:

  • It is inactive for 180 days or more, or
  • It has an expired Kerberos ID

Subscriber Responsibilities

The following tasks are your responsibility as a subscriber to the MIT TSM backup service:

  • Opening a separate account for each server machine to be backed up.
  • Installing TSM client software on your server machine.
  • Launching the Scheduler or starting manual backup sessions.
  • Checking to confirm that manual and scheduled backups have run as expected.
  • Abiding by MITnet Rules of Use, which deal with your responsibilities and behavior on the network.
  • Keeping track of passwords for copies of files, if you used TSM encryption.
  • Notifying IS&T of changes when you: 
    • change the primary owner of your computer;
    • change operating system;
    • start using a new computer, or an additional computer;
    • change MIT account number for billing;
    • terminate service.
      Note: If you do not terminate your account, you will continue to be billed.
  • Keeping track of passwords for copies of files, if you used TSM encryption.

IS&T Responsibilities

IS&T assumes responsibility for the following tasks:

  • Maintaining a functioning service during advertised hours.
  • Protecting facilities and data storage from damage and intrusion.
  • Taking all reasonable steps to recover data from impaired IS&T media.
  • Providing support.

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

Last Modified:

January 24, 2023

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