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Q: How can a view malicious software that Sophos Central has detected on my computer?

Starting July of 2021, IS&T has migrated to a new version of Sophos called Sophos Central. MIT users have until the summer of 2022 before the old version will stop receiving updates. This page references the new version of Sophos. You can see documentation for legacy Sophos here and download the newest version of Sophos here.


Sophos Central stores a historical list of any malicious software that it has detected on your computer. Open the Sophos Central application and click the Detections tab. You will see a reserve chronological list of past detections. The Sophos Central client automatically clean and resolves any issues.

In the rare event that Sophos Central cannot remediate the infection, you should contact your local IT support person for further investigation when possible.

Actions to take on your own

There may be occasions where manual cleanup is required for certain threats. By clicking the Events tab, you can see the file location of a threat. You may need to go to the file location and manually delete the file.

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June 30, 2021

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