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Setting up Your Zoom Personal Room

Starting July 19th, Zoom will require that all meetings have a Passcode or a Waiting Room enabled. For more information, see:

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Your Zoom personal room is a meeting that always exists with the same meeting ID. You can assign it a personalized link that's easy to remember, and send it to anybody you'd like to meet with regularly. There are, however, reasons to take care with your personal link. Anybody who has it can access your personal room at any time unless you tighten up your security settings. To learn more, see: Zoom personal room ID (Youtube) or continue below.

Set a Personal Room Link

You can create a personal link that's easy to remember for your Zoom personal room, but be careful not to make it too easy to guess. Zoombombing, when unwelcome guests visit your meeting and share annoying or offensive content, is more likely to happen if your personal link is guessable.

  1. Go to
  2. If prompted, authenticate via Touchstone Authentication.
  3. Click "Customize"

  4. Enter your desired personal link and click Save Changes.

    Result: Your personal link is created, and you can send it to anybody you want to meet with in your personal room. You can also go back to your profile page to change the link at any time.

Secure Your Personal Room

You can also reduce your risk of Zoombombing through your settings. Two security settings that can reduce the risk even if somebody guesses your personal link are:

  • Only authenticated users can join meetings - This requires attendees to be logged in to a zoom account via MIT Touchstone to meet with you.
  • Waiting Room - This holds attendees in a virtual waiting room until you admit them into your meeting room.
  1. Go to your profile settings page at:
  2. If prompted, authenticate via Touchstone Authentication.
  3. Turn on "Only authenticated users can join meetings" and "Waiting Room"

    Result: By default your meetings will only allow users who have authenticated with MIT Touchstone and they will be put in a waiting room until your admit them to your meeting. You are now far less likely to be Zoombombed.

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