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Poll Everywhere is an enterprise-wide online polling platform that allows anyone with an active MIT Touchstone account to host interactive remote activities as well as capture feedback during virtual classes, meetings, and events. It supports interactive activities on nearly any internet-connected device and is integrated into MIT's Canvas LMS (learning management system).

Polls can be embedded within the presentation or a web page and updated in real-time. Advanced features include texting questions and comments to a presenter, responding via the web, and SMS interactivity. It can also be used to obtain metrics on participation and as an attendance-taking tool.

For more information, see Poll Everywhere overview videos.

How to Obtain

To request a Presenters License, email

On the Web

Use your MIT email address and Touchstone Authentication.

  • On the next screen, click the Log in with MIT button

Through MIT's Canvas LMS

Your course must be published and have a start date in the past in order to use Poll Everywhere within Canvas.

Mobile Apps

Android: Google Play Store
iOS: Apple Store

How to Use

Preferences and Settings


Presenter/Instructor Resources


Participating in Activities

Only registered participants can participate in MIT's Poll Everywhere activities.

Managing Responses (Reporting)

Troubleshooting and FAQ's

  • How long will my poll remain active?
    By default, questions will remain active for one day after you activate them unless you deactivate the poll manually. You can also change your default poll activity time in your settings. For more, see:
  • Who can participate in MIT Poll Everywhere Activities?
    That depends on your settings for the activity. If you would like to restrict it to only registered participants. All participants must be imported via CSV or the through the MIT Canvas LMS integration.

    We do not recommend using the "Participant self-registration" option because students will not be restricted to only using email addresses. If the wrong email address is used to respond, this may cause errors/issues with exporting graded responses into the MIT Canvas LMS.
  • Can I have multiple polls/activities active at once?
    No. There is only one active poll at a time. You can deactivate or lock a poll at any time to enable you to start another one or use surveys to ask multiple questions at a time.
  • Does Poll Everywhere's canvas integration require a course to have a set end date?
    Poll Everywhere says this is a requirement, but testing with MIT Canvas has shown courses with the standard end of term end date or no end date work without issue. This may change in the future, so be aware that setting an end date may be necessary if you are experiencing issues.
  • I got a warning message about a pop up window being blocked when using the Canvas and Poll Anywhere integration. What do I do?
    There should be a button on the page to open the Poll Everywhere activity. Click that and you should be taken to the activity without issue.
  • Why am I unable to grade or score responses?
    Graded and scored responses are only available for multiple choice and clickable image activities. Registration is also required for graded and scored responses. Registration settings can be updated on a per-activity basis, or from within the the poll settings
  • I'd like my TA to have access to the Poll Everywhere activities for class - how can we do that?
    Poll Everywhere Teams allow a group of presenters the same level of access and visibility to an activity (or set of activities). Teams can be created by sending an email to with the requested team name and kerberos usernames of team members.

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  • [hd:Poll Everywhere Recon]

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June 09, 2022

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