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MIT Sites (CampusPress) - Restricting Access to Pages

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Post and Page Restriction

Campus Press provides multiple levels of control access, including the ability to secure your entire site from the public, restricting it to only site users, or only to the MIT community. Site-wide restrictions are available from the admin dashboard at Settings>>Reading.

The instructions below detail methods for a more granular control of content for individual pages and posts.

Adding the Post and Pages Restriction Plug-In in CampusPress

To restrict access to specific pages and posts on your site, you will need to first activate the Posts and Pages Restriction plugin.

  • This plugin is available to activate from the Plugins > All Plugins > Posts & Pages menu.
  • Once the Posts and Pages Restriction plugin has been activated, the Restriction Module will be available to you in the Settings menu of all pages and posts.

Set Access Restrictions using the Restriction Menu Options

  1. While in the edit mode of a page or post, scroll down through the page settings menu on the right sidebar to the Restriction Options section.
  2. Select the Restrict to option that is appropriate for the page or post you are currently editing. Whichever setting you select will apply only to that page or post.
    By default the Restrictions option is set to disabled.
    • Restrict to registered users of the network – any logged in user on your CampusPress network is able to view the post/page. This will include anyone in the MIT community with access to touchstone authentication, and anyone with a non-touchstone account on Campus Press.
    • Restrict to registered users that have been added to this site – only a logged in user who is listed in Users > All Users of the site can view the post/page.

In addition to the above restriction options, posts and pages may also be individually password protected by enabling password protection from the Restriction Options menu.

Warning regarding Restrictions on Media Files

  • This plugin doesn’t restrict access to media files uploaded to restricted posts/pages.
  • Any media files uploaded to any post/page on the site will have the same privacy as what is set in Settings > Reading. For example, the media files will be indexed by Google and other search engines if your site is set to “Allow search engines to index this site”.

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April 11, 2024

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