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MIT SECURE wireless - Windows Security Alert


Why do I get a Windows Security Alert when I try to connect to the MIT Secure wireless network?

The connection attempt could not be completed

The Credentials provided by the server could not be validated. We recommend that you terminate the connection and contact your administrator with the information provided in the details. You may still connect but doing so exposes you to security risk by a possible rogue server.


The security alert lets you know that the RADIUS authentication server you are connecting to is not necessarily a trusted source.  This is because of the root certificate MIT uses to sign the server certificates.

You can connect to the MIT network by confirming that you are connecting to an MIT server and trusting the AddTrust security certificate. To do this:

  1. Open the Details for the security message.
  2. Confirm that the RADIUS Server is or
  3. Confirm that the Root CA is AddTrust External CA Root.

  4. If the above matches the certificate details displayed on your computer, then you can safely click Connect and use the MIT SECURE wireless network.

    If the RADIUS Server is not or OR the Root CA isn't AddTrust External CA Root, click Terminate and notify the Service Desk or the Security team.

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June 15, 2017

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