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MIT Kerberos (Athena) Accounts Landing Page

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Your MIT Kerberos User Account (sometimes called a Athena/MIT/email account) is your online identity at MIT. Once you set up your account, you will be able to access your MIT email, educational technology discounts, your records, computing clusters, printing services, and much more.



Page: MIT Kerberos Accounts - Help with Registration Errors (IS&T Contributions)
Page: How to Activate An MIT Kerberos Account (IS&T Contributions)
Page: How do I register for an MIT Kerberos account? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: Why is my account being deactivated? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: When are MIT Kerberos accounts deactivated? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: How do I contact MIT Kerberos Accounts? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: How can I back up or archive all my Athena files before my account is deactivated? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: Setting your username on your personal computer to your MIT Kerberos username (Community Contributions)
Page: How can I increase my MIT Kerberos account quota? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: How can I change my MIT Kerberos account password on Athena? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: How can I find out when someone last logged on to Athena? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: How can I change my root or extra password? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: What is a Sloan Account? (Community Contributions)
Page: Why did I get a "Permission Denied" error after being logged in for a long time? (IS&T Contributions)
Additional escalation information for Help Staff can be found here: [hd:Accounts Handbook Recon].

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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June 23, 2016

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