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MECM - SCCM - Check Warranty Status in Console

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How can I check the warranty status of multiple computers?

  1. In the MECM console, go to Monitoring from the left sidebar and then select Queries. Under the Queries folder will be a folder called MIT Queries. This will contain 2 different queries called "Dell Warranty Info" and "Lenovo Warranty Info". Please select and run the query appropriate for your computers.

  2. You'll see a list of computer names and the associated warranties.

  3.  The warranty information can also by found by right-clicking on a computer, selecting Start->Resource Explorer and looking for for Dell_Warranty_Info or Lenovo_Warranty_Info under the hardware section.

How does the information get populated?

As of 2/11/2019, the warranty status is added to all computers in MECM. A PowerShell script (one for Dell, one for Lenovo) runs on the client computer and utilizes the vendor's API to query warranty information based on the serial number. This information is collected and then written to a custom WMI namespace on the client computer which can then be collected by MECM hardware inventory. This information is then available for MECM queries.

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