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Laptop Tagging and Registration

STOP tag service is not being offered as the IS&T Service Desk in E17 IT is not currently staffed.

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This is a service to tag and register laptop computers and electronic devices. This loss prevention measure is a visible deterrent to theft. Take a look at the product page to see the results.

The STOP Tag is permanent. Once, applied it takes 24 hours for the adhesive to cure. It then takes up to 800 pounds of pressure to remove the tag. If removed, it leaves a permanent tattoo stating "Stolen Property". The tag cannot be removed by IS&T or STOP.

Q: Where and when can I have equipment tagged?

A: STOP tagging is currently not being performed by as the IS&T Service Desk walk-in IT help desk is not currently staffed.

Q: Is there a fee to have equipment tagged?

A: No, there is no fee per item tagged.

Q: What devices can I have tagged?

A: The tags are primarily intended for laptop computers, and large tablets (e.g. iPads). It may be possible to tag other devices (e.g. projectors), but the device must have a flat surface of at least 3"x 3" in order to affix the tag. We generally cannot tag iPhones, digital cameras, etc.

Q: What information do I provide at the registration?

A: We will record the serial number for the device, and contact information to reach you when a stolen device is recovered.

Q: What happens if I want to sell or transfer ownership of the computer?

A: Registration information can be updated or transferred to a new owner by contacting the central registration organization at See complete details at the page:

Q: Does this registration provide any geo-tracking? Does the tag have a GPS chip?

A: No, the label provides a deterrent to thieves by identifying the device with an indelible mark, but it does not provide location tracking.

Q: Can I register a device for someone else?

A: Yes. As long as you can provide accurate contact information for the owner, anyone can register a device.

Q: Have devices been successfully recovered?

A: Yes. You can find additional information at the Security Tracking of Office Property (STOP) of Norwalk, CT website

Q: Who administers the program?

A: IS&T and Security Tracking of Office Property (STOP) of Norwalk, CT.

Q: How do I determine the serial number of a computer using the OS?



Open a command prompt (by choosing the Command Prompt item from the Start menu, or typing cmd in the Start menu's "Run" box), and type the following:

wmic bios get serialnumber

Note: Windows 10 users may get to the Command Prompt by right clicking on Start button, or by typing "cmd" on Start screen to search it.

Mac OS X

Open the Terminal application and type:

ioreg -l | grep IOPlatformSerialNumber


Open a shell and type:

sudo dmidecode -t system | grep Serial

Note: The user will need to have root access to the system.

See Also

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May 18, 2022

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