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Jamf Pro - Printer Creation and Deployment

Jamf Pro printer deployment can be made easy by following these steps. There are two parts needed to ensure printers can be pushed out. First, the driver needs to be deployed, and second, the printer will be installed via a script. We can create a policy to do both these things at once.

Driver download and install

  1. First, see if the Mac has your driver built in. You can do this by trying to manually add the printer and see if it is listed. If acceptable you can also use the generic driver that the Mac comes with.
  2. If the driver is not on the system, check to see if it has already been uploaded to the JSS.
  3. Log in to the JSS. Ensure you have selected "Full Jamf Pro" from the dropdown.
  4. Click on the gear on the top right of the screen, then Computer Management on the left.
    1. Click on packages. You may see that someone else has already uploaded it.
    2. Most printer drivers are under the "Printer Drivers for Anyone" category.
  5. If the driver is not in the JSS, you will need to email a dropbox link of the file (in zip or dmg format) to Please include the models the driver supports.

Printer Deployment

  1. Switch from the "Full Jamf Pro" to your site.
  2. Click on Computers at the top, then Policies. Click the + sign.
  3. Give the new policy a name, such as "First Floor Printer"
  4. Assign a category.
  5. Assign a trigger. You can use "recurring check-in" to automatically push the printer to the target machines, or use Self Service instead with these steps:
    1. Choose the "Self Service" tab. Check "Make the policy available in self service."
    2. Check "Feature the policy on the main page."
    3. Go back to the Options tab at the top.
  6. Select Packages on the left, then click Configure. Click "add" next to the driver package uploaded earlier.
  7. Select Scripts on the left, then click "Configure."
  8. Click "add" next to the "Printer Script (parameterized)" script.
    1. Fill in the four appropriate values. All four are required. You do not need quotes around them.
      1. Name, such as "FirstFloorPrinter" Note - You cannot have spaces in the name (even with quotes).
      2. Location, e.g. W20-575
      3. Host name (preferred) or IP Address such as "lpd://" or "lpd://"
      4. Driver Location such as "/Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/HP LaserJet 500 color MFP M570.gz"
  9. Select Scope at the top. Either change the scope to "All Computers" or click "add" and add individual computers or smart/static groups.
  10. Click "save."

If you chose the "recurring check-in" target, the printer will be deployed to targeted machines the next time they check in to the JSS, within 30 minutes. If you selected Self Service, it will be available immediately upon login to Self Service.

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November 08, 2022

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