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Jamf Pro - Monitoring Features

This article discusses several features available to help monitor activities within Jamf Pro.

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Policy Logs & JSS Dashboard

You can review the logs of any policy by clicking the logs button located at the bottom of the policy screen.  Logs will show the date and time the policy was run and if it Completed or Failed under Status.  Selecting Show under Actions will provide further details.  Selecting Flush under Actions will clear the logs so the policy can be run again.

Information can also be added to the JSS Dashboard to allow you quickly keep track of how policies are performing or to quickly access smart group details.  This is done by checking the Show in JSS Dashboard box within any policy or smart group.

To access the JSS Dashboard click the icon always available in the upper left of the Casper Console.

Extension Attributes

Various Extension Attributes are available to assist with monitoring.  Extension Attributes are custom fields that allow you to collect almost any piece of attribute data from a computer.  They are updated with the normal inventory cycle within Jamf Pro.  Once inventory is updated, Extension Attributes can be used to create reports and in smart groups for scope.  To display all Extension Attribute information for a specific computer, click on the Extension Attributes section when viewing the computer.

They can also be added to your site’s inventory display.  To add to your Inventory Display, perform the following: 

1.  Within your DLC site click the Gear Icon in the upper right of the Jamf Pro Console.

2.  Select Inventory Display

3.  Choose the section called Extension Attributes where you can select the specific Extensions Attributes you would like to add. 

4.  Click save at the bottom of the page to save your selections.

Once added you can view this information when displaying the list of computers within your site.  An example of common software Extension Attributes is below:

Applications Report

These reports are built into Jamf Pro.  Under Computers within your DLC Site you can select Applications from the search drop down.  You can enter an application name along with an asterisk (*) as a wild card to display all versions installed on computers within your site for a particular application.  This can be very useful when determining which computers need third-party software patching.

Search Results:

If you have any questions, please contact

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April 22, 2019

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