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Jamf Pro - Mobile Device Enrollment

To enable mobile device management in Jamf Pro for your site, contact the End User Computing team for a one-time setup.

There are three ways to enroll iOS devices with the JSS: prestage enrollment (recommended), enrollment invitations, and user-initiated enrollment. Some functionality requires the device to be Supervised, which can only be accomplished via prestage enrollment.

Prestage Enrollment:

Prestage enrollment involves registering a device with Apple to use our JSS. As soon as the user turns on the iPad, the iOS setup assistant will check in with Apple, and automatically enroll in our JSS with the settings and site we've defined. The user will not be able to skip this or remove the enrollment, even if they wipe the device. This is the best way to ensure that your devices are always managed and enrolled in the JSS. This also allows additional functionality such as the ability to push iOS upgrades, lock down portions of the device, and others. Functionality requiring supervision is listed in the JSS on a per function basis.

To enroll new devices email the serial numbers along with the desired site to the End User Computing team.

Enrollment invitations:

You can explicitly invite a user to enroll in the JSS by sending them a special link through email or SMS. In the JSS:

  • Click on the Mobile Devices tab.
  • Click on Enrollment Invitations in the sidebar.
  • Click New.
  • Choose email (recommended) or SMS, then click Next.
  • Enter the email addresses / cell phone numbers of the users you'd like to invite, then click Next.
  • Customize the message if you like, then click Next.
  • Set an expiration date for the invitation. You can set it as far as 2030.
  • Leave the require login box checked. This ensures that the device will be properly associated with the user's LDAP account.
  • If you'd like to re-use this same invitation link for many users in the future, check the Allow multiple uses box.
  • Click Next to send the invitation.

When the user clicks that link, they'll be sent to a JSS portal where they can enter their MIT Kerberos account and password to complete enrollment of the device.

Please note that if a device is already enrolled, you might need to delete it from the JSS before this can succeed.

User-initiated enrollment:

All users can go to the Jamf Pro Enrollment portal and log in with their MIT Kerberos account username and password to enroll their MIT-owned iOS device.

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