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Jamf Pro - Installing Prisma GlobalProtect VPN client


The Prisma GlobalProtect VPN client is available for deployment in Jamf Pro. There are two versions available to deploy: the default installer and a customized on-demand installer.

The customized installer has a few enhancements that are useful for automated deployment:

  • It is preconfigured with the MIT portal URL.
  • The installer is silent and will not auto-launch on installation.
  • It will not attempt to auto-connect on each login. Users will instead need to launch it from /Applications to connect.

You can find the latest customized installer in Jamf Pro under the name "GlobalProtect on-demand-<version-number>.pkg".

The default installer is also available under the name "GlobalProtect-<version-number>.pkg". This is the same package you would get from the Software Grid.

Installing GlobalProtect with Jamf Pro

The End User Computing (EUC) team maintains a policy to install the latest supported version of GlobalProtect with a simple custom trigger. To use this in your site, follow these steps:

  • Create a new policy.
  • Set the scope and triggers as appropriate for your site.
  • Scroll down to the "Files and Processes" payload and click Configure.
  • In the "Execute Command" field, enter `sudo jamf policy -event euc-install-globalprotect`.
  • Optional: in the Maintenance payload, click Configure and check the Update Inventory box.

This will install silently and is preconfigured with MIT's portal URL.

Self Service installation

The latest supported version of GlobalProtect is available in Self Service on all computers enrolled in Jamf Pro. This will install the customized package with the portal URL preconfigured.

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November 15, 2021

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