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Installing Maple to run off the Central License Server

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  • You will not need to register with Maplesoft or download anything from their web site.
  • You will not need to update the annual license file, this is handled on the server.
  • Running Maple this way requires that you maintain network connectivity, and requires use of the MIT VPN if you are off the MIT campus.

Switching an existing installation to get licenses from the Central License Server

If you have machines where Maple is already installed and you want to get licenses from the Central License Server, you don't need to perform the installation steps below. The license server is backwards-compatible with older Maple releases as well as the current release.

  • You just need to change the license file contents to this. (MIT certificate required) 

The default location and name for the network Maple license file for all users in Maple 2020 is:

  • Windows:
    •  C:\Program Files\Maple 2020\license\license.dat 
  • Macintosh:
    • /Library/Frameworks/Maple.framework/Versions/2020/license/license.dat
  • Linux
    • /opt/maple2020/license/license.dat

Older releases follow a similar pattern.

Installing Maple


You will need the following items:

This software is licensed under an academic license agreement between MIT and Maplesoft, Inc. It may be used only by MIT faculty, staff and students (Authorized Users) in support of classroom instruction and research activities of students, teaching faculty and staff, and research staff. The right to use the Programs for any other purpose, including commercial purposes, is expressly prohibited. Authorized Users must stop using the software and delete it (and any accompanying license key) from any non MIT-owned computers they have installed it on when they cease to be affiliated with MIT. By clicking on the links below, you agree that you are an Authorized User, that you will use the software only for MIT purposes, and that you will comply with the stated termination conditions when you leave MIT.
  1. Maple license server name and port. (MIT certificate required)
  2. Maple 2020.x installation archive for your platform from the IS&T Maple page.
When a new Maple release becomes available, we will change the version reference for the installers and update all the download links for the new release. You can revisit this page to look for the updates, and install the new version by repeating the installation steps below. New major releases are typically issued once a year in Spring.

Installation procedure

You will need the administrator password to perform the installation on a Macintosh. You will need to be root during the installation to install to the default system location making Maple accessible to all users on Linux.
If a firewall alert pops up during installation asking if network access to Maple should be allowed, select allow.
  1. Launch the installer; enter the administrative password if requested (Mac).
  2. Accept the license.
  3. Select the installation directory (the default option is preferred).
  4. Make a choice for using Maple as default application for Worksheet and Workbook files if this option is offered.
  5. Choose for or against a desktop shortcut if the option is offered.
  6. Choose for or against the link to MATLAB (if installed on the machine) if this choice is offered.
  7. Select Network License.
  8. Select Single Server.
  9. Enter the server and port values as provided via the link above.
  10. On Check for Updates leave Use proxy server unchecked if you choose this option.
  11. Verify the Pre-Installation Summary and proceed with the installation.
  12. Wait for updates to be installed after the installation completes if this option was chosen.
On Linux machines, launch scripts are in the following locations if you opted for the default install location:
/opt/maple2020/bin/xmaple (GUI)
/opt/maple2020/bin/maple (command line)

After installation is complete on all platforms, you can delete the installers to save space.

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January 11, 2021

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