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Installing FastX to run off the Central License Server

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This FastX installation procedure is only authorized for MIT Faculty, Staff and Students while they are current members of the MIT community. Any FastX software (or accompanying license key) installed on non-MIT computers must be deleted when the user is no longer affiliated with MIT.

You will need a Linux machine dedicated to running the server (FastX server only runs on Linux) with:

  1. 32 or 64 bit RHEL 5.9+ or equivalent (in practice, most recent Linux distributions should work)
  2. 512 or more MB of RAM
  3. 100 meg free disk space

Server Installation

You will need the installer for your architecture: StarNetFastX2-*.i386.rpm or StarNetFastX2-*.x86_64.rpm which can be downloaded from the IS&T Software Grid (enter fastx in Title Search box).

and the license server name which you can obtain here. (MIT certificate required)

If you wish to install screenshot support, you may need to separately find and install the perl-X11-Protocol package for your distribution which may not be included in the standard package repositories.

Note the vendor installation instructions.

  1. install the STARNETFastX2 rpm
  2. run the /usr/lib/fastx2/ script as root
  3. respond y to the Do you have a license server on your network? prompt
  4. enter the license server name from the link above at the Enter name (or IP address) of your license server: prompt
  5. if you want to run the web server, respond y to the Install the FastX web server? prompt
  6. respond y to the Setup initial admin user? prompt
  7. enter a non-root existing administrative username at the Enter admin account: prompt
  8. optionally choose screenshot support at the Install screenshot support? prompt

To manually start the web service type (as root): /etc/init.d/fastx start.

Client access to the server

Once the server is running, clients can access it via the URL


where hostname is the fully-qualified hostname of the server. Users should log in with their ssh username/password on the server. If users prefer to use the desktop client applications, they can download them via the Looking for the desktop client? link on the server home page, or from the IS&T Software Grid.

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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August 04, 2016

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