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Install or Upgrade to Microsoft Office for Mac 2021

Installing office

  1. Download the installer from IS&T.
  2. Double-click the downloaded zip file to decompress it.You'll have a folder with Installer pkg and a Serializer pkg.
  1. Double-click the Microsoft_Office_16.54.21101001_Installer.pkg icon.
    Result: The installer launches:
  2. Click Continue.
    Result: The Software License Agreement is displayed:
  3. Click Continue.
    Result: You are asked to agree to the Software License:
  4. Click Agree
    Result: The Installation Type is displayed:
  5. Click Install.
    Result: You are prompted for your name and password:
  6. Enter the username and password for your local computer account and click OK.
    Note: You may have to close certain applications for installation to complete.
    Result: Installation will take some time.
  7. When it completes, the summary screen is displayed:
  8. Click Close.
    Result: Microsoft Word automatically starts and presents you with a Get Started window:

First time running office 

Office 2021 Activation
Please run the Microsoft_Office_LTSC_2021_VL_Serializer.pkg to properly activate Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac
  1. Click Get Started
    Result: You are asked to optionally sign in to your Microsoft account:
  2. Click Skip sign-in.
    Result: Configuration is complete:
  3. Click Start Using Word.
    Result: You might be prompted to install updates, if any are available. If so, follow the prompts:
  4. Click Install. If you're prompted for authentication, enter your user name and password again.
    Result: Microsoft AutoUpdate prompts you for configuration:
  5. Accept the defaults and click Check for Updates. You might be prompted to install one or more updates in succession. Follow the prompts until no more updates are available.
  6. Microsoft Office for Mac 2021 is now ready for use.

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October 19, 2021

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