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Q: What is Indico?

Indico is a web application for managing academic meetings and events.

MIT's indico instance can be reached at

Q: How do I log in to MIT's Indico site?

While some parts of the application are publicly visible, editor and administrative level access is via Touchstone.

Administrators of individual sites must log in via touchstone. Administrator access to individual sites is controlled via moira groups.

Q: Who can request a new site on MIT's Indico instance?

MIT Faculty and Staff (on behalf of faculty)

The indico application is designed for organizing academic meetings and events. Only MIT faculty and staff (on the behalf of a faculty member) may request a new site.

Only one site will be provisioned per DLC.

Q: How can I request an Indico site?

New sites can be provisioned by IS&T's Application Delivery team. Send request to

Q: How do I get administrative access to an existing site?

Contact the site owner.

The site owner can add additional administrators to the site.

Q: Can collaborators outside of MIT access protected content on MIT's Indico site?

Yes, using Touchstone.

The site is a registered with the InCommon federation, which allows members of peer institutions to log in to MIT's Indico site using their own SSO credentials.

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June 09, 2021

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