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How to use the Atlas Credit Card report

These steps were written in 2008, but I believe they are still valid as of August 2014

  1. Change from parked to posted documents.
  2. Uncheck SA documents (checked by default) and check SC documents.
  3. Enter the 6 digit unique ProCard ID, if available. When a cardholder is trained, at the end of that training session they're given an envelope with their new Procard in it and written on the envelope is their 6-digit unique id number. If client doesn't remember the number, you can try the following: In poking around, we found that if you run a DTR for the cost object to which the charges are being posted, and find the credit card charge there (it will begin with a 2), that transaction will have an alpha-numeric reference number, including the last name of the card holder and the 6 digit ID.
  • For a JV search, you can limit by fund or profit center, cost center, WBS element, etc. These will not, however, impact a credit card search.
  • Dates for Credit Card charges:
    • Document date: The date the charge was made on the credit card
    • Posting date: The date the system posts the charge
    • Approval date: The date the ProCard charge was approved/verified.


If you have the 6 digit ID for the ProCard for which you are trying to search for charges, follow these steps:

  1. Change the radio button from Parked Journal Vouchers to Posted Journal Vouchers

  2. Set the posting date to a wide enough span to capture when the credit card charges may have been posted.

  3. In the Credit Card field, enter the unique 6 digit ID that corresponds to the user's ProCard.

  4. Uncheck select SA documents. Put a check in SC documents.

  5. Click the Run Report button.

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June 19, 2016

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